Partner with Us

Ways to invest in Adams Family Farm,

At Adams Family Farm we take our partnerships and investments seriously. When we offer our hand out, we expect a reciprocated trust. There are a few different ways someone can invest in our farm.


Please contact us for information on how to best structure this to meet your investment, tax and other needs.

Cash Lease – As good stewards of the land, this is the most simple form of investment we can offer landowners. This offers a low risk investment for the land owner. We ensure to take care of leased land as if it were our own land. We exercise many favorable actions such as:

  • The upkeep of field edges and road ditches
  • Maintain field crossings
  • Minimizing tillage to minimize erosion
  • Implementing proper rotation and herbicide use to prevent resistant organisms
  • Devoting adequate time to creating and maintaining field drains with state-of-the art GPS technology

Beet Stock Partnerships

Adams Family Farm has had several profitable partnerships with American Crystal sugarbeet stock owners who are interested in sharing in the profits of raising sugarbeets but are unable to provide the day-to-day operational needs during seeding, growing and harvest seasons.

We were built on the importance of a firm handshake and would love an opportunity to create a long lasting relationship. Contact us today to discuss a possible partnership with Adams Family Farm.