Hard red spring wheat — grown mostly in North Dakota, Montana, South Dakota and Minnesota — stands out as the aristocrat of wheat for baking bread. Hard red spring has the highest protein content of all U.S. wheats (usually 13 to 16 percent) which, in turn, corresponds with greater gluten content.


For this reason, flour mills in the United States and in many export markets blend hard red spring wheat with lower protein wheats to increase the gluten content in the resulting batch of flour. The addition of hard red spring improves dough handling, mixing characteristics, and water absorption.

Every year Adams Family Farm attends crop tours and workshops to introduce ourselves to new varieties of NON-GMO spring wheat. This is necessary to keep up with the genetic advances of new breeds. To ensure our grain crop excels, we match our rich Red River Valley soil with proper amounts of fertilizer to maximize our yield and protein that is unrivalled in many locations across the World. We also implement a strict crop rotation between all of our crops to reduce the chance of disease and furthermore reduce the chemicals needed in providing the consumer with the best, safest product we can.