Company Profile

The Adams Family Farm is a family-owned producer and supplier of safe, quality food products to markets around the world. Through four generations of land stewardship and agricultural success, the Adams Family Farm Partnership has become a leader in producing the highest quality food grade products in the Red River Valley. Starting only as a small operation in the 1930s, the Adams Family Farm now consists of 6,500 acres of some of the richest agricultural land in the world. The Red River Valley’s prosperous soil gives rise to our successful crop production of non-GMO dry beans, Conventional Spring Wheat, and Red River Valley Sugarbeets.

The Adams family is one of strength, reliability, and integrity. We pride ourselves on the quality service and products we are able to produce for our customers, as well as the honest and trusting relationships we build through our business.

Adams Family Farm takes leadership and innovation for agricultural success seriously. By using advanced crop specific equipment and the newest GPS functions for operating, we are able to continually remain a leader in successful crop production through the times. Additionally, to provide the safest high quality products; Adams Family Farms emphasizes crop rotation to reduce plant disease, planting in rows to promote tillage and minimize chemical use, and by applying half of the normal rate chemical to crops in the early plant stages we are able to further decrease total chemical use.

Our History

In 1935, Ralph Joseph Adams began the Adams family farming legacy when he began a small operation growing hay and small grains in the Buxton, North Dakota area. Ralph’s early farming years were complicated by severe drought, low commodity prices, and poor crops. Ralph later moved to the Grand Forks, North Dakota area and continued to farm hay, small grains and eventually sugarbeets. Ralph’s only son Darrell eventually joined the farming operation and expanded the farm from a few hundred acres to over 4000 acres; adding edible beans, soy beans, and more sugarbeets to their repertoire of crops.

Darrell’s son Steve grew up on the farm and often will state, “I’ve farmed my whole life”. In 1977, Steve suffered a serious farm accident which nearly cost him his life. Ralph and Darrell, alone, lifted a 15 foot cultivator wing off of Steve while another employee pulled him out, unconscious, from under the wing. The hydraulic system of the cultivator had malfunctioned and one entire wing of the cultivator came down on Steve, smashing him into the concrete slab. Fortunately, although suffering major injuries, he recovered fully and was able to continue to grow and expand the farm, both in size and in diversity. Edible beans including pinto, navy, red kidney and other special bean varietals, such cranberry beans, were added to the farm’s crop profile and became a major contributor to the overall success of the agricultural operation.

In 2011, after finishing college, a 4th generation Adams, Christopher, joined the family farm operation and today plays a major role in the strategic planning and management of the now over 6,500 acre agricultural operation.

Today, the Adams Family Farm Partnership continues to focus on providing high quality agricultural products using innovative farming strategies and the latest crop technologies. They continue to diversify their crop selection to meet the needs of the global food market and to be good stewards of the black, nutrient rich Red River Valley soil in which they are fortunate to be able to farm.

Our Staff

Christopher Adams
Christopher AdamsVice President/ Partner
Steve Adams
Steve AdamsPresident/ Partner
Christie Obregon
Christie ObregonOffice Manager
 Willie Hofer
Willie HoferForeman
David Lawson
David LawsonEquipment Operator/ Snow Removal Foreman
Darren Odegard
Darren OdegardEquipment Operator